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 Dashboard: My Garage

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PostSubject: Dashboard: My Garage   Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:37 am

My Garage

Every player's Garage is their own space. Everything you've earned by playing the game is here. However, other players can also view your Garage (and you can view their Garage as well), so items like Buckz earned, Partz bought, and Avatar accessories, are not included.

In here, you will find the following:

Your RIDE Selector

This allows you and other players to browse through the list of RIDEZ parked in your Garage. This list of RIDEZ is different from the one you view when Customizing. Initially, when you enter your Garage, the only RIDE you will see is the one you are currently cruising around with. Clicking the button (small box with a small yellow car in it) next to your RIDE, opens up and closes a cool Selector that you can scroll up and down to view all its contents. If you want to see the actual size of the RIDE, simply click its image in the list.

Opening Garage RIDE Selector

Trophy Case

This is your cabinet of Achievements. Clicking the case will show you all Achievements that you have done, and also unfinished one's. Achievements are like "quests", or special tasks that you need to do. When you finish one, you gain a trophy, and it will automatically appear in your Trophy Case.

Achievement done, Trophy gained

Your Profile

Clicking, or even just moving your mouse-curser over your portrait on the wall, opens up a mini-profile of you. This shows you current Level, the date you joined the game, and your current Xp points.

Checking out your Profile


Every time you put Partz on your RIDE, it doesn't just make your RIDE look cooler, but it also increases the stats. To check your RIDE Info, simply click on, or just put the mouse-curser over your RIDE and it will automatically pull up the info.

Checking stats

The Garage Door (EXIT)

Just click this whenever you are ready to leave and to go back to your previous location.

The Garage Skinz (On the Dashboard)

This cool feature lets you customize your Garage's look. There are currently 3 Skinz to choose from. Click on Garage Skinz button to open the list of Skinz, then click on each to preview. Then just click "Done" to close the the Skinz list.

Play the game, and discover more! See you in RIDEMAKERZ Virtual World!

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Dashboard: My Garage
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